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Can I still access my old OPA member login?

Yes, you can log into your previous OPA login for a limited time at OLD OPA Member Login

How Can a Paralegal Help?

In Ontario, Paralegals can represent you in a variety of of different areas including:

  • Small Claims Court
  • Provincial Offences such as traffic tickets
  • Tribunals such as Human Rights, Landlord and Tenant, Workplace Safety, Social Benefits, Immigration & Refugee
  • Criminal charges e.g summary conviction charges
  • Accident Benefits Schedule claims
  • Commissioning documents
  • Mediation

How do I merge my previous OPA account to the new website?

Accounts are not being merged into the new website. Because memberships previously were created fiscally and therefore all memberships are due to renew January 2018. This makes it a convenient time for all members to register for their new online profiles and renew / register fresh accounts.This way it also ensures members profiles are fully integrated into the new / updated sections of the site.

EXCEPTIONS: For the members whom have previously paid for 2018 memberships prior to the launch of the new website you should have received an email notifying you to click on "Forgot My Password" so you can login to the new site.

I would like to renew my OPA membership?

Through our new website launched (January 1st 2018) renewal is done completely online! Simply register for your OPA membership with online payment and your account will be immediately activated. Future year renewals can be setup to automatically renew OR you may renew manually through your account login. You will be prompted when it is time to do so.

When does my OPA membership renew?

As of January 2018 OPA memberships are now annual memberships. Therefore if you membership was created through the OPA website March 1st it will be required to renew the next March 1st.