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The Regional Municipality of York has decided you can no longer have Speed Measuring Device Testing procedures. 

In R. v. McGuigan, the Justice of the Peace at trial ordered the prosecution (Regional Municipality of York) to produce to the defence the testing procedures of the Speed Measuring Device. York applied to the Superior Court of Justice on a Certiorari Application to vacate the Order of Justice of the Peace Shoosterman. The order of Shoosterman, J.P. was quashed. The decision is not supportable in any way, nor did the court have the jurisdiction to hear such a motion.

The Ontario Paralegal Association has decided to assist to fund this Appeal. We need your help in funding this. This is an issue which not only affects the profession but anyone who gets a speeding ticket.

If you're John Q. Public, one of your only chances may be the disclosure of the testing procedures so that you can cross examine the officer on what he/she did. It's your right to be able to know the case against you. 

If you're a paralegal or a lawyer who does any work in Provincial Offences then you know this is a slippery slope. Today you can't get testing procedures; Tomorrow it will be police notes.

For more information contact Frank at vp@opaonline.ca or frank@alfanodulin.ca

It's important we stand up for a fair shake for defendants. With your help we can make sure speeding trials remain fair.

Frank Alfano
Vice President
Ontario Paralegal Association.

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