The Board of Directors of the Ontario Paralegal Association is seeking volunteers for the committees listed below.  This is an opportunity for members to make a significant impact on their profession.  Committees will meet twelve times a year on the respective dates listed below.

Committees are an extension of and are responsible to the Board of Directors.  Each committee will include a Board Liaison that will be the conduit to and from the Board bringing issues and priorities to the committee, and then providing reports and recommendations for their committee’s initiatives back to the Board of Directors. 

The Board Liaisons and Chairs for each committee are listed below:

REGIONAL REPRESENTATION COMMITTEE:  The committee’s mandate is to
look into making connections with all paralegals throughout the Province.  This will involve establishing a structure for the purposes of dealing with regional issues, and how to implement regional representation.
Board Liaison is TBD. Email is

EVENTS COMMITTEE: The committee’s mandate is to plan the Annual General Meeting, all social events, and respective venue related details. Board Liaison is Grace Condello.   Email is

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE:  The committee’s mandate is to increase membership, seek out membership benefits and secure sponsorships.  Board Liaison is Melissa Widdifield. Chair is Tara Fowler.  Email is

EDUCATION COMMITTEE: The committee’s mandate is to plan all the education (CPD) events, secure presenters, venues, A/V equipment, venue set up, LSUC accreditation and monitor attendance.  Board Liaison is Alisa Burke.  Chair is TBD.  Email is

LSUC/GOVERNMENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE: The committee’s mandate is to monitor, report, draft and advocate issues to all relevant stakeholders that affect paralegal regulation and access to justice for the Ontario public.  Board Liaison is Kristina McDonald.  Email is

COMMUNICATION/MARKETING COMMITTEE:  The committee’s mandate is to promote and educate the profession and the public on the services of paralegals.  Board Liaison is TBD. Chair is Mitchell Kent. Email is

All committees will consist of a Chair, Vice Chair and/or Board Liaison plus a number of volunteer members.

At the inaugural meeting of the committees the first order of business will be to elect a Chair and Vice Chair. The second order of business will be to confirm meeting dates for the upcoming year.  The last order of business will be to discuss pending issues provided to the committee by the Board of Directors.

The Chair and/or the Vice Chair are responsible for chairing the meetings of the committee and providing an update to the Board Liaison and to the membership at the monthly CPD general meeting.  The Chair and/or Vice Chair may be required to attend stakeholder meetings at the request of the President.

The Chair of each committee must provide the Board, by the end of February following the Annual General Meeting, a projected budget for the committee.

All committees will meet at least once a month and will be given a $100 budget per meeting as long as four or more members are in attendance in person.  All meetings can be held at 400 Applewood Crescent, Vaughan.  Members may also attend by Go ToMeeting if they are not in the GTA area.

If you are interested in serving on a committee, please contact the Chair of that committee or at and let her know which committee you are interested in sitting on.  She will contact the Board of Directors’ Liaison person for that committee and advise them of your interest.

The projected meeting dates are: 


Education Committee:

1st Thursday of the month @ 6 pm


LSUC & Gov’t Relations Committee:

3rd Thursday of the month @ 7:30 pm


Membership Committee:

2nd Monday of the month @ 7 pm


*Marketing & Communications Committee:

2nd Thursday of the month @ 7:30 pm


Events Committee:

3rd Tuesday of the month @ 8 pm


*Regional Representation Committee:

3rd Wednesday of the month @ 7:00 pm



Meeting dates are subject to change according to the Chair and needs of each committee.